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What others say about us....

We are working on updating this page right now, we'll have it back up and running properly soon.  Sorry for any inconvenience!

'So Relaxing' - Closing The Bones Treatments

"Just had a perinatal rebozo wrap treatment from Jude. It was so relaxing and I felt as though my body had realigned back to how it should be following the birth of my little boy.  The head and neck massage part also really helped to relieve the tension I had in this area. I would thoroughly recommend to any new mum."   Annie (Histon, Cambridge)

"A really luxurious and a much needed indulgent experience.  So good to have my body nurtured and worshiped, have the space to explore my head and reminisce the births of my babies, and receive a great big dollop of 'me time' when lately I've been so focused on 'giving'.  It fed my soul, my feet and heart felt light and restored, I feel truly happy and so content.  It won't be the last time I treat myself to this". (Anonymous, Cambridge) 

'Empowerment' - Antenatal Education

"A massive thank you to Jude for all the support, advice and resources that she gave me on breast feeding and baby development. With the resources she sent me on on-demand feeding it gave me a better understanding on the area and as a first time mum gave me empowerment.   Having different feeding positions i could try when Lilly was being a pain really helped.   Also love the wonder weeks app she recommended to me - really worth getting".  Harriet (Lincolnshire)

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