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Bump To Baby And Beyond™ Course  


Preparing you for the journey ahead through informed choice and balanced, realistic and pragmatic education. This course aims to support you through late pregnancy, the birth journey and the first precious days, weeks and month with your new family™


This our signature and most popular course teaches birth physiology, birth choices, exercises for encouraging baby into optimum position for birth, techniques to support labour focusing on the present moment (not thinking too far ahead), preparing for and accepting the options in front of you at different points, and finding self-confidence to accept and manage the changing situation you are in. The course also teaches infant feeding and development in the early days and weeks.  


This course will help demystify the process and options, build confidence to make your own way on the journey ahead and make choices that are right for your family.  ​We aim to ensure both parents learn all the essentials for the big day- preparing women for the sensations of birth and to have confidence in trusting their body, breathing and moving for birth, creating a positive birthing environment & positioning; while preparing dads/partners for their role as a truly valuable connected confident birth partner, learning practical skills to overcome challenges.


We aim to ensure both parents learn all the essentials for building a happy healthy family, understand the importance of looking after themselves as much as their new baby, and learn the precious magic of infant development, how to support it and practical skills to overcome hurdles.


We conclude with a post birth reunion session which gives us all the opportunity to get together again, share experiences and valuable post-natal chatter.....oh and some much needed cake!


Course includes handy reminder sheets to take away each week, and unlimited contact with our teachers through to when your baby is 6 weeks old.  This course also includes an expert led pregnancy yoga and mindfulness session to promote health, connection with your baby and relaxation, and mini beauty treatment.  These little extras are totally unique to Neo Perinatal, dedicated to making your birth journey special, and all included in the price.

It is recommended that you aim to complete the course about 3 weeks before your baby is due.


Course duration: 6 weeks (3.5hr each week)


Course Overview

Learning Objectives

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