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Parents to be

Perinatal parents-to-be courses

Our courses are ideal for first time parents, or parents who wish to have a more rounded empowered birthing experience next time around, and whatever your current planned birth. They will allow you to focus your perinatal preparation (before, during and after birth) on learning about your body and your newborn.  Whether you are pregnant and want to prepare for birth and life with a newborn, have a new baby struggling with colic, want to learn more about the new baby basics like feeding, winding, changing, bathing, sleep patterns of your little one, or you just want to meet other people in a class which is truly inclusive, friendly and non-judgmental, we have something for you.  We champion 'perinatal' not just 'antenatal' education because understanding your body and your baby doesn't begin and end with the big birth event. Our courses are also an invaluable opportunity to enjoy the support & companionship so important in caring for you and your baby.


The NEO ethos is all about preparing you for the journey ahead through informed choice.  We support families to have a confident, empowered and enjoyable journey from birth into parenthood. Everyone and every family is unique. We will never teach you one method or one solution and claim it to be ‘right’ or ‘better’. Through our courses we will guide you through the various options that you will encounter and provide you with a realistic balance of views based on fact so that you can make the right choices for your pregnancy, your family, your birth and for your baby.  


NEO utilises the expertise of a range of professionals for your training, because we believe it will be more engaging and enjoyable for you, and it also allows you to learn from people with a real passion and specialty in different birth approaches. All our trainers are qualified professionals who we believe to offer an empowering approach.  We work alongside hospital and community midwife teams, coordinating our courses according to the local needs of parents-to-be, feedback and involvement from local midwives, and the aims of the local healthcare providers. We have a variety of courses available to suit everyone.  We have links to various resources that can also help you with parenting past those initial weeks (weaning days, toddler days, baby massage, and baby and paediatric first aid).


You may notice that our prices are different (in a good way!) to other companies.  We believe good quality perinatal education should be available to everyone no matter what their financial or time restrictions.  We also believe that babies need parents who are clued up and confident in navigating not just those first hours but also those early days and weeks.  Unlike many other providers we believe that is a integral part of parent-to-be education, and it shouldn't come at extra cost.


Unlike some birth preparation classes which are all discussion and classroom learning, or some that are all movement and little taught education, NEO perinatal education programmes follow a balanced mix of discussion based learning and interactive practical learning, helping you to learn birth and early parenting techniques in a truly effective way.  We use a variety of teaching techniques that include small and bigger group work and practical skills for labour and early parenting.  We like to keep the class size to no more than 8 pairs as this ensures that everyone remains relaxed and able to ask questions whenever the wish to.  Sessions are very informal and comfortable and non-judgmental.


What you won’t get from our courses is judgement, pushy advice to steer your choices.  You also aren’t joining courses that involves swinging hips, public humming or group massage, it's just not our style.  We of course do cover important breathing and relaxation techniques for coping with pain, and mindfulness and active birthing.  

Natalie Wood

“I'm delighted I chose Neo Perinatal for our baby prep.  Everything we needed to know for those first weeks and more.”

Our courses are routed in realism and pragmatism and are ideal for first time parents, or parents who wish to have a more rounded empowered birthing experience next time around.


Whether you are looking to meet other parents-to-be through a regular class, or prefer a one-off private class to give you all the birthing and new baby basics, NEO courses offer you the option choose what suits your needs and lifestyle best. Choose from:


       Bump To Baby And Beyond™


       Bump To Baby™


       Babe In Arms™


       One off workshops

       Working lunch courses

       Private classes


       Baby Massage


       Baby First Aid


       Rebozo (for pregnancy, birth and closing the bones after childbirth)


It is recommended to book these courses early because of their popularity.  You should also aim to have the course completed about 3 weeks before the baby's due date. 


Did you know ?

You are legally entitled to paid time off to attend antenatal care (care is not just restricted to appointments)

“Employers must give pregnant employees time off for antenatal care and pay their normal rate for this time off. The father or pregnant woman’s partner has the right to unpaid time off work to go to 2 antenatal appointments.”



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