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Cleansed, Closed, Content

Hadn't heard of Closing The Bones until fairly recently so not something I benefited from after baby number one. I really could have used it then as my body and soul took a while to recover even though all in all it was a good birth. It was the life shock that needed some re-balancing and nurturing!

Recently I received a beautiful closing the bones ceremony. As a CTB practitioner myself I know that women receive all manner of benefits from this therapy (physical, emotional, spiritual, mindful ...) so I was open minded to what it may bring me. I didn't feel 'broken' after a recent beautiful life affirming home birth, I had been feeling quite lovely on motherhood again. But being aware of what my body has been through to bring this new life into the world and what my body is expected to contend with over the weeks and months following birth meant that this treatment was something I valued as really important to strengthening me as a mummy and me as 'ME' again. An investment for health and soul.

My ceremony recently was a really luxurious and a much needed indulgent experience. So good to have my body nurtured and worshiped by two lovely ladies I know who are CTB practitioners, have the space to explore my head and reminisce the births of my babies, and receive a great big dollop of 'me time' when lately I've been so focused on 'giving'.

It fed my soul, my feet and heart felt light and restored, I feel truly happy and so content. It won't be the last time I treat myself to this.

See our Rebozo page on the website for more info and our CTB offerings or visit

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